Are you a Creative? Or interested in designing a stunning website? Then choose the SquareSpace. SquareSpace is the best website builder when it comes to designing beautiful, sophisticated and professional looking websites. With many versatile web design options, this website builder is especially good for themes such as photography, fashion, gourmet restaurants, travel and other artistic and sophisticated businesses. This website builder is becoming well known for supplying the tools to build sites that display surprisingly advanced web design features without customers having to do any coding. In this review we’ll be taking a close look at this powerful website builder and rate some of its leading features.

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Highlights of SquareSpace Website Builder
SquareSpace is a company that was founded in 2004. Since that time, they have refined and improved their website builder tools to an impressive level. Some of the notable features of this application include:

  • Quality Web Design and Templates -With this web builder, even a beginner or someone without any web design skills can create an appealing and artistic designer website in minutes. Templates are highly creative and sophisticated compared to most website builders.
  • E-Commerce Features -This website builder makes it simple to sell products from an attractively designed online store. You can choose among many business templates to give your store the right look. Combined with the designer templates, this website builder is ideal for creating professional looking sites aimed at sophisticated clientele.
  • Mobile Friendly -The web builder is optimized for mobile sites. It offers a variety of iOS and Android apps so you can make changes to your site from your smartphone. All sites automatically incorporate responsive web design.
  • Analytics -You can closely monitor your metrics to find out how your site is performing. You can track your followers on Twitter and Facebook as well.
  • Browse Sample Sites -There are a large number of sites you can browse to get an idea of what types of web design are possible with this website builder.
  • Several Pricing Options -You can choose among several plans, depending on your needs.
  • Free Trial -The company offers a free 14 day trial on its website builder that allows you to sample all of the web design features. You can sign up without a credit card.

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Who is the Ideal SquareSpace User?
While SquareSpace is a user-friendly web builder that can be useful to anyone wanting to build a great looking website, it is especially suitable for those who want sites that display unusually attractive and sophisticated designs. If your blog or website has anything to do with the arts, fashion or photography, you could find a template that would be perfect for this. It’s also great for small businesses such as restaurants, high end clothing stores and photography studios that want to create a distinctive and attractively designed website that will make a strong impression and draw in customers.

The below gives you an overview of what SquareSpace website builder has to offer. We will now look at some of their features in more depth and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.

Web Design and Templates
The most impressive aspect of this website builder is the professional and aesthetically pleasing quality of its web design features. Unlike most web builders, SquareSpace specializes in high end, sophisticated web designs that are widely used by professional designers, boutiques, visual artists, interior decorators and others whose businesses require aesthetically pleasing and highly creative websites.

The templates are the basis of your website and determines its overall look and flavor. You can choose from a wide variety of templates. You can create a site for just about any interest, hobby or business you can imagine. While SquareSpace does not provide the huge number of templates that some of its competitors offer, the quality of web design offered is unparalleled.

SquareSpace Website Builder Review Templates
With many inexpensive website builder applications, the template are fairly basic. You This is usually the case, for example, when you use the site building tools that come with web hosting. You can create any type of site you want, but the web design is rather commonplace. SquareSpace, on the other hand, provides you with the tools to create truly sophisticated and professional looking websites with designer templates. That’s why this website builder is used by many artists, photographers, boutiques and other professionals who must impress their visitors with beautiful and artistic web design.

Rating for Web Design: 5/5

Mobile Optimization and Responsive Web Design
You can be sure nowadays that many of your visitors and potential customers will be accessing your website from a mobile device. That’s why it’s now very important that your site can be properly viewed on all devices, not only computers. SquareSpace is up to date on this trend, and provides responsive design with all its templates. Responsive design means that all of the beautiful layouts and images you create with the website builder can be seen equally well by everyone, on any type of device. Since the responsive design is built into the templates, there’s nothing extra you have to do. Your website will be completely optimized for mobile as well as all other devices. 

SquareSpace Website Builder Review Mobile
Rating for Mobile Optimization: 5/5

Ease of Use
SquareSpace is designed to be a newbie-friendly, drag and drop website builder. One of the main advantages to using this type of application, as opposed to creating your own website from scratch, is that you don’t need any coding or web design skills. In fact, you can use this website builder to quickly create a site that possesses surprisingly professional web design elements.

At the same time, there is a certain learning curve with any application. SquareSpace also has a separate screen for editing and to view previews. This means that in some cases, you may find you have to make additional edits to your site because it doesn’t look exactly as you had hoped. Still, editing is quite easy to do and you will soon get accustomed to how everything works.

SquareSpace Website Builder Review Interface
There are some very useful tutorial videos that explain everything in detail. Even without watching these videos (which you really should), you could do most everything by simply following the step-by-step process that SquareSpace guides you through. Choosing a template, customizing it, adding content and making changes to your web design can all be done with a few mouse clicks or keystrokes.

Rating for Ease of Use: 4.5/5

SquareSpace offers several pricing options. Unlike some website builders, there is no free plan. While this may be seen as a drawback, it also means that the company is focused on allowing users to create the most professional and visually appealing websites possible. While it’s possible to get a basic blog or website for free, it would be difficult to match the sophistication of what SquareSpace offers -unless you are an experienced web designer or hire one. If you did the latter, it would cost significantly more than one SquareSpace charges. Let’s look at their plans.

  • Personal -$8/month. This option, which is roughly the equivalent of typical shared web hosting, includes domain registration, 20 pages, galleries, blogs, 500 GB bandwidth and e-commerce for selling one product.
  • Professional -$16/month. With this option, you can have unlimited pages, galleries and blogs with unlimited storage. You can sell up to 20 products and you also get a developer platform.
  • Business – $24/month. In addition to the features of Professional, this plan provides you with label printing, real-time carrier shipping and the ability to sell unlimited products.

SquareSpace Website Builder Review Pricing

It’s important to note that all plans include domain registration and web hosting. You don’t need to sign up for web hosting separately, as this is included. Since this cloud-based hosting, there is no software to download. Pricing for SquareSpace may seem a bit high if you compare it to traditional web hosting. However, with the latter, you are mostly on your own when it comes to creating a website. While they do provide website builders, they are generally quite limited. SquareSpace is both a web host and a very advanced website builder. Considering this, the fees are quite reasonable.

Rating for Pricing: 4/5

If you use any website service or application, you will probably need support at some point. Most of what you need to learn regarding SquareSpace can be found from their tutorials and video workshops. There is also a community forum where you can interact with experienced members and staff. If you do have questions or problems, however, it’s always easy to reach someone. You can get help around the clock, with 24/7 support by live chat or email. The company has a strict policy of replying to messages within 1 hour at any time of day.
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Rating for Support: 5/5

In Conclusion…
SquareSpace website builder stands out in many ways -templates, web design, ease of use, responsive design and customer support. It makes it easy to build the kind of website that you’d either need advanced designing skills to build or thousands of dollars to pay someone to build. Considering this, the monthly fees are quite economical. Also keep in mind that you are also paying for web hosting, which is included in all plans.

This website builder is not ideal for everyone. If you only need a very basic blog or website, you could use a free website builder or sign up for low cost hosting and build the site yourself. SquareSpace is a web design platform that’s especially made for building websites that emphasize quality, aesthetics, luxury and beauty. So if your goal is to build a site with truly exceptional and creative designs, SquareSpace is your best choice.

Overall Rating for SquareSpace: 4.75/5



  • Beautiful templates, the best designs of any website builder
  • Blog management platform
  • Advanced website builder for adding and customizing pages


  • Limited number of templates
  • No free plan
  • No ability to directly edit the code