Starting a blog can be one of the most rewarding ways to express yourself online. There are many uses for a blog -it can be like a personal diary, a way to talk about your favorite hobby or even a profitable business. There are many blogging platforms, but the most popular one by far is WordPress. The easiest way to get started with a WordPress blog is with Bluehost web hosting. 

WordPress can be easily installed for free depending on your web hosting company. Bluehost not only offers one-click WordPress installation, it is well known as one of the best hosting companies for WordPress blogs. WordPress itself has recommended Bluehost many times. In this article, we’ll be going over the basic steps of how to start a blog using WordPress and Bluehost in 3 minutes (or less).

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Create a Bluehost Account and Choose a Domain Name

The only thing you need to start your WordPress blog on Bluehost is web hosting and a domain. You can begin by creating your account with Bluehost. While there are many web hosting companies, Bluehost offers one of the cheapest yet highest quality web hosting plans you will find anywhere. You can often find plans for less than $5 per month, depending on what type of promotion Bluehost is running at the time. Bluehost runs many specials throughout the year. You have to decide whether to sign up for a year or a longer period of time. 

You will definitely get the best deal if you sign up with Bluehost for two or three years. Bluehost offers a generous money back guarantee, so you don’t have to feel locked in by signing up for a long time. You are free to cancel your Bluehost account at any time, and there are no contracts or commitments with Bluehost. Most people find that they are quite happy to use Bluehost for their WordPress blogs. In addition to being extremely compatible with WordPress, Bluehost also offers excellent customer support. You will also find that Bluehost has many convenient features and benefits with their hosting plans. 

One of the perks of signing up for hosting with Bluehost is that you get a free domain name registration with your account. This means you don’t have to worry about registering a domain with another company. You can do everything through Bluehost. Choosing a domain name for your WordPress blog is an extremely important step. This will determine the URL or internet address of your blog.

When choosing your domain name on Bluehost, you should choose a name that reflects the topic of your WordPress blog and that’s easy for people to remember. Shorter names are usually best. There is also the question of the domain’s extension. In addition to .com, .net and .org there are now many other choices. Those three, however, are still the most familiar to most people. Remember that you want your blog to be easy to remember.


If Bluehost allows you to choose a domain, you can assume it’s available for you to use on your blog. Next you’ll choose your pricing plan, and Bluehost has many options. Plans start as low as $4.95/month and come with unlimited web hosting, bandwidth, a $100 advertising credit with Google and 24/7 phone, chat and email support. The good news is that all plans come with a free domain name so purchase the Bluehost plan that’s best for you!

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

Assuming that you’ve created your Bluehost account and registered a domain name, you are now ready to install WordPress. The first step is logging into Bluehost.


The first page you should see is the Bluehost Control Panel – this is also called cPanel for short. You log in using your primary domain name and password.


Once inside, select WordPress under the Website Builder section.


You will then be directed to a page where you can begin installing WordPress. Click the Start button and WordPress will begin installing in your Bluehost account.


Choose the domain where you want WordPress installed and click Check Domain. If you only have one domain, that will be your only choice, of course.


On the next page, clicked ‘Advanced Settings’ and give your blog a name. You can also change your default username and password. That’s it! Agree to the T&Cs and click Install Now.


WordPress is installing on Bluehost. It should take only a couple seconds..


You should then receive your site URL, which will be the address of your WordPress blog. You will also get a log-in URL, which will bring you to your WordPress dashboard. This is where you can manage and edit your blog. Choose a secure password for your blog. This will be different from your Bluehost password and will only be for your WordPress blog.

These are the basic steps for installing WordPress on Bluehost. Once it’s installed, however, you will want to get started and customize your new WordPress blog! Let’s look at some of the most important ways to do this.

Choosing a Theme For Your WordPress Blog

Your theme is an extremely important choice. This will determine the overall look of your WordPress blog. There are many free themes offered by WordPress. At some point, you may want to upgrade to a premium theme. However, at first you can choose a free theme.

WordPress will supply you with a default theme, which you can either keep or change. Even the default theme gives you several options for customization. You may, however, want to look at the variety of free themes that are offered. While there’s nothing wrong with the default theme, there are millions of WordPress sites that use this. If you want to differentiate your blog, you can choose a different one.

When choosing a theme for your WordPress blog on Bluehost, you will first click on Themes, which is under Appearances on your dashboard.



Click on Add New, which will bring you to a page full of themes.



You can look under Popular, Featured and Latest themes or you can choose to search for one of thousands of free WordPress design themes. 

You can search by a range of preferences, including color, layout and features. For example, if your blog is going to be about travel, you will find several themes come up under this keyword. Once you’ve found a theme to review, you can click preview to get an idea of how it will look on your blog. 



Once you’ve chosen a theme, click Install Now.



Your new theme will take seconds to install on WordPress. Once it’s ready, click Activate Now. Your new theme is installed!



While WordPress offers quite a few free themes, the theme library is somewhat limited in terms of specialized topics. That’s why many people eventually choose to purchase a theme or have one custom made at some point. However, you can also customize the look of your blog by creatively using images, videos, slideshows and other content. You can also pay around with settings.

WordPress Settings on Bluehost

There are a few great things about WordPress. It’s free and easy to install, especially on Bluehost. It’s also highly customizable. Choosing your settings and a theme help make your blog unique right from the start. Later, as you become comfortable with WordPress, you can do even more to make your blog distinctive. When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, you will be able to set up and manage your blog.

  • General Settings -This includes the name of your blog and description. The name doesn’t have to be exactly the same as your domain name, though it’s usually best if they are closely related. This is what people will see when they first land on your blog. The description or tagline is also important, as search engines use this to make it easier for people to find your blog. For both the title and description, try to think of keywords people might use when looking for a site like yours. Under General Settings you will also choose your Site Address or URL. Your main choice here is whether to make your URL something like or This is just a matter of what you prefer. Keep in mind that you can always change settings anytime you want. You will also see settings for Writing, Reading, Discussion and Media. Under Writing, you can set up categories that your posts will appear under.
  • Reading – These settings let you decide what people will see when they land on your site. If you start setting up pages, for example, you can choose to make one of your pages the landing page. The default setting, however, will be your latest posts as the landing page.
  • Discussion -Discussion settings have to do with issues such as what visitors must to to leave comments. You may, for example, want to make people fill out their name and email to leave comments. This will cut back on spam comments on your blog. You can also set it up so that you must approve each comment manually before it is published.
  • Media -Media settings allow you to decide on the dimensions of any images you add to your Media Library.

With your design in place and customized setting , your new WordPress blog on Bluehost is now ready to start receiving visitors!

Starting Your WordPress Blog with Bluehost is Easy

The steps outlined above can be completed in just a few minutes. Even if you’ve never had a website before, both Bluehost and WordPress are quite user friendly. Once you’ve actually set up your blog, of course, you will have to put some effort into making it interesting and appealing if you want to attract visitors. It’s up to you to come up with compelling content and give visitors a reason to return to your blog frequently. 

To get started on creating your WordPress blog, you only need to create your account with Bluehost. After that, you can begin to build your blog and attract visitors!

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